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Kathy Cady has fond childhood memories of gardening with her family, working on their Christmas tree farm, and fishing with her grandfather. She has always cherished the feel of her hands in the soil and for over twenty years, upon clay vessels spinning on the potter's wheel. While earning her master's degree, she focused on developing alternative firing techniques and ever since has enjoyed creating pottery vessels inspired by ancient and classical forms that complement the primitive pit firing process.


More recently, Kathy has embraced tile art and that process entrances her. When she is spending endless hours in her studio, enlivened by music, her true spirit soars.


Kathy Cady's current work: sculpting the elegant piscine forms, glazing the radiant patterns, fabricating metal to capture the magical flash of fish eyes, creating hand rolled tiles to embody the mysteries of flowing water, using smoke fired sawdust and cobalt to simulate rays of light dappling swirling currents… Devotedly working to master all these techniques to bring the fish alive for all who revere our earth.



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